NIVEA partners with and donates to help inspire America’s youth to embrace soft

Being soft has gained a bad reputation in today’s society and is often associated with being weak. That’s why NIVEA, a brand known for its work in making skin softer, has launched Rethink Soft, a campaign with a mission to challenge the negative perception of what being soft is about and get people to recognise that being soft does not equal being weak, but instead can have positive and effective impacts on others.

NIVEA was also a three-time national (Germany) winner of the World Branding Awards in the Beauty category.

The skincare brand shared that a study showed that 59 percent of people say it is negative for a person to be referred to as soft, and the other 49 percent define the word ‘soft’ as being weak.

NIVEA is partnering with, a research-led non-profit organisation dedicated to educating and inspiring people to choose kindness, in this campaign, and as part of the partnership, every NIVEA product that is purchased between September 1 to December 31, 2019, US$1 is donated by the brand to, up to US$200k/£164k.

“We were thrilled to learn about this campaign and have the opportunity to partner with NIVEA,” said Jaclyn Lindsey, Co-Founder of “Through this partnership, we will gain a better understanding of the perception of soft today and help change its trajectory for tomorrow through research and in-school programming that will help foster soft skills in our youth.”

“At the heart of the brand we believe that soft, both emotionally and physically, is what connects us all,” said Lindsey Brink, Vice President of Marketing, NIVEA US. “That is why we are so excited to launch Rethink Soft and showcase how soft is capable of such powerful things, how it leads by example, and can bring out the best in us all.”

NIVEA will celebrate and demonstrate the power of soft through a Rethink Soft digital Anthem, short films showcasing real-life acts of soft, and influencer personalised stories that have unique power to inspire, motivate and empower others.

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