HUGO BOSS has launched a global campaign for its denim line, HUGO BLUE, aimed at a young target group, particularly Generation Z.

According to the company:

“HUGO BLUE stands for a bold, fresh, and young style. The aesthetic of the brand line for men and women is inspired by street culture and embraces a relaxed approach, including some unisex styles. Denim is at the core of the collection and is complemented by jersey, knitwear, outerwear pieces, and accessories.”

A Memorable Launch Event That Buzzed with Creativity

With a vibrant launch event in Berlin, HUGO BLUE has officially arrived. As the brand line aims to connect with its target audience, Gen Z, on a deeper level, the launch event was an immersive experience that allowed for physical and virtual self-exploration.  

Around 1,000 guests were invited to uncover the first collection, entering the world of HUGO BLUE in a captivating blend of interactive product displays and diverse entertainment worlds for an engaging experience.

Stepping into the venue, guests at Wilhelm Hallen were whisked away to the world of HUGO BLUE through a vibrant blue tunnel. The brand’s effortless spirit was amplified by bold logo details and a spectrum of blue hues adorning everything from classic denim essentials to trendy streetwear staples like graphic tees, hoodies, tops, shorts, trousers, and outerwear. 

A trio of unique “closets” showcased key looks in unexpected ways. These immersive spaces, featuring playful inflatables, walls awash in denim, and captivating LED panels, doubled as perfect photo ops.

Express Yourself: The HUGO BLUE Customisation Experience

On top of that, the event offered a one-of-a-kind customisation zone where local artists Rafaella Braga and Max Teutsch brought garments to life. Guests could watch them personalise HUGO BLUE pieces on the spot, adding a unique touch to their new finds.  

Guests who attended walked away with a stylish HUGO BLUE denim tote bag. To further fuel the excitement, VIP guests received a special pre-event gift: a denim jacket with an iron-on flower badge. It wasn’t just any badge, though; it held an NFC chip that unlocked an exclusive HUGO BLUE experience on Snapchat, giving them a taste of the virtual world before the big launch.

The Hugo Blue launch event wasn’t just about clothes. Rapper Swae Lee performed, campaign stars like Reezy mingled with guests, and DJ Adam Port provided the soundtrack. Social media influencers documented everything, highlighting HUGO BLUE’s unique blend of fashion, music, art, and gaming. Even gamers like Clix and Chad Epps joined the fun, showcasing HUGO’s foray into the world of Roblox.

Added to that, the event space had a special area with a 180-multicam to capture live moments. These visuals were then projected onto a central tower and mixed with the DJ booth for a truly immersive experience. Guests could see highlights of the event, the brand’s campaign, customisation zone, and even live Roblox gameplay all around them.

Next-Gen Style: HUGO BLUE

This exciting new line injects youthful energy into the HUGO brand, offering a unique blend of denim essentials, streetwear staples, and personalised touches. By embracing street culture and digital experiences, HUGO BLUE positions itself as the go-to label for a generation that values self-expression and effortless style.

HUGO BLUE is available to shop in-store and online at  

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