Scholarship Programme Benefits from Heightened Media Awareness and a Portion of Doritos Locos Tacos Sales

GroundTruth (formerly xAd), the leading global technology platform driving offline visits and sales by leveraging location as the primary source of intent, today announced news of a collaboration with Taco Bell to bring awareness and donations to the Taco Bell Foundation and its Live Más Scholarship, a scholarship for students whose passions may not necessarily fit into the conventional “academic” or “athletic” scholarship categories.

The collaboration, part of GroundTruth’s ‘Location for Good’ programme, harnessed the power of location technology to deliver personalised messages that activate local communities when and where it matters most. The location-based campaign, which fell under Taco Bell’s wider ‘Feed a Dream’ campaign, encouraged individuals to visit a nearby Taco Bell and purchase the highly popular Doritos Locos Taco, in which a portion of all sales would be donated to the Live Más Scholarship. The GroundTruth campaign drove over 170,000 visits to Taco Bell locations. Furthermore, Taco Bell was able to make a $500,000/£373,440 donation to the Live Más Scholarship thanks in part to heightened media awareness and a portion of Doritos Locos Tacos sales.

The campaign also comes on the heels of GroundTruth’s recent independent survey which validated the company’s ability to interpret physical location with more than 90% accuracy. Taco Bell was able to benefit from this precision by leveraging products built from GroundTruth’s proprietary Blueprints technology to better engage with its core audiences based on their past visit behavior to specific business locations and points of interest.

Taco Bell’s loyalist audience provided the highest engagement with nearly 1 out of 4 consumers visiting a Taco Bell after receiving a personalised mobile ad from GroundTruth. Third-party validation from Placed, a leader in ad to in-store attribution, also indicated the campaign resonated well among young men. Males 18-24-year-olds over-indexed as the most receptive audience to campaign messaging for Taco Bell’s ‘Feed a Dream’ campaign.

“Through our partnership with GroundTruth and the power of location data, we were able to increase awareness, store visits, and sales around our Doritos Locos Tacos during that two week window,” said David Garcia, Senior Media Manager at Taco Bell.

“More importantly, the increase in taco sales meant more donations to the Taco Bell Foundation for our Live Más Scholarship,” added Garcia.

The collaboration with Taco Bell is the latest of GroundTruth’s Location for Good initiatives to prove the efficacy of location technology in engaging audiences for a greater cause. Since its formation after the devastating impact of the Nepal Earthquake in 2015, Location for Good has driven significant results for organisations like the Federation of Internet Alerts (FIA), which supports causes like the rapid distribution of AMBER Alerts, and Oxfam America, which is committed to ending the injustice of poverty. Location for Good has also supported campaigns with Goodwill, Movember, Thrive Market and The Ad Council.

The Accuracy Audit analyzed 10,000 matched panelists who shopped at a sample of key retailers, consistently submitted receipts to InfoScout, and used location-based services via GroundTruth.

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