Emergen-C “Emerge Our Best” campaign is set to help provide supplies and support for frontline health workers

Emergen-C, a vitamin supplement, has announced the launch of the “Emerge Our Best” campaign to offer much-needed inspiration during this challenging time of isolation and missing loved ones, as well as to provide protective supplies and supportive resources for hard-working health workers on the frontlines.

Emergen-C is grounded in promoting everyday wellness and daily behaviours that create healthy habits and now, more than ever is focused on aiding overall wellness and lending a hand to help others emerge their best.

Central to “Emerge Our Best” is the brand’s commitment to helping the community through this tough time. As the need for essential protective medical supplies grows, Emergen-C is donating US$500k/£402.3k to Americares, a health-focused relief and development organisation that responds to people affected by poverty or disaster with medicine, medical supplies and health programmes.

The donation will help Americares deliver much needed protective supplies – masks, gowns, gloves and disinfectants – and provide skill-building workshops and emotional support for health workers.

“With so much strife and strain in our communities right now, we sought to help by providing support and essential supplies and Americares is the perfect partner to achieve that,” Emergen-C Brand Director, Karen Bouhadana said. “Emergen-C promotes daily wellness and by helping health workers who are tirelessly committed to protecting us, we are doing our part to help the collective emerge our best from this trying time.”

As a brand that many have turned to in good times and trying times, Emergen-C is giving communities something to look forward to with the emotional and hopeful “Emerge Our Best” campaign video, which is inspired by moments in the hopefully near future when simple actions like holding hands, enjoying meals with friends and waiting in line will be commonplace physical connectors once again.

The video will live online and on the campaign microsite, which will also house details about the charitable donation and a programme enabling site visitors to encourage others to emerge their best by inviting friends and family to visit the site to be entered into the chance to win a gift card to be used to help support themselves, their loved ones or local businesses in their area.

“Frontline health workers need support now more than ever,” said Americares President and CEO Christine Squires. “We are incredibly thankful for the generous donation from Emergen-C, which will help us provide critical protective gear and training to this essential workforce and allow them to continue their life-saving work.”

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