Libresse Malaysia, a  female hygiene and health company, has launched its “Know Your V” campaign to encourage and educate women on knowledge and facts about their V-Zone health. Their purpose is to empower women to get to know their V-zones and fall in love with the most intimate part of themselves.

Libresse “Know Your V” campaign was launched with a 60-second spot which featured Malaysian women braving themselves to get to know their V-zones. In a recent survey done by Libresse, the results have shown that 69% of Malaysian women have mistakenly identified a diagram of a woman’s reproductive system.  While many others were unsure as to what the vulva is to a vagina. In addition, topics on the vagina have been seen as a taboo in the Malaysian culture.

In order to provide credible information on the vagina, Libresse has partnered with Dr Patricia Lim Su-Lyn, a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. While many have mistakenly identified the outer and/or overall female genitalia as the “Vagina”, the Vagina only refers to the muscular, elastic canal which extends from the cervix to the vulva. Libresse also encourages women who are 21 years of age or have been sexually active to make their annual trips to a professional Gynaecologist.

In order to encourage women to have conversations about their V-zones, Libresse “Know Your V” campaign has developed an interactive board game called “The V Game” to break the glass-ceiling surrounding the V-Zone topic. The V Game is set to trigger V-Zone conversations among women of all ages by having each participant role-play in everyday situations that women face, from dealing with their monthly period to talking about V-Zone health.

Libresse launches their first ever board game with "Know Your V" campaign

The Libresse V game is set to guide the players, provide solutions, and offer facts on how women can care for their delicate V-Zones and love themselves. The board game will be given away via social media, schools and in-store.



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