Kate Mara partners with Dawn to celebrate the brand’s legacy of helping save more than 75,000 birds and marine animals affected by oil spills and environmental catastrophes

Since 1978, Dawn has been leading the way to a better world by partnering with organisations dedicated to helping save birds and marine animals who were the innocent victims of oil spills and environmental catastrophes. This July, Dawn is celebrating 40 years of helping save wildlife with a new campaign honouring the brand’s legacy of being a force for good.

“We are honoured to be able to be a force for good and the brand will continue to support the organisations that dedicate their efforts to helping save the wildlife we could not imagine this world without,” said Kristine Decker, Brand Director Home Care, North American Dish Care & Global Dish.

“Dawn is known as the dish soap that best cuts grease, but it is also the most effective dishwashing detergent for cleaning oiled animals.”

To mark the 40th anniversary of its legacy wildlife campaign, Dawn partnered with Kate Mara, actress and wildlife activist, for a groundbreaking celebration to spotlight the impressive and awe-inspiring number of birds and marine animals it has helped wildlife organisations save.

The brand hosted a fun, education and dynamic 3D immersive exhibit of 75,000 birds “flying” around the iconic Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Terminal. All day commuters were wowed by the visually striking projections and inspired by the ways the brand has historically played, and continues to play, an instrumental role in wildlife efforts, specifically bird washing and rehabilitation during major oil spills.

“I always try to think about the effect my choices have on the earth, especially when I think about the children and those I am leaving this world to,” said Kate Mara.

“For this reason, I am proud to support this brand, that for 40 years has been leading the way to a better world by helping save wildlife and supporting organisations dedicated to this important cause.”

The brand has invested millions of dollars in organisations dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife when disaster strikes, including International Bird Rescue and The Marine Mammal Center. It has also donated bottles of dish liquid product to clean animals affected by oil spill pollution.

“As a nonprofit wildlife organisation, we are honoured to have a 40-year partnership with Dawn, whose product and contributions have helped us to safely clean and rescue thousands of birds in crisis and inspire others to act toward balance with the natural world,” said JD Bergeron, Executive Director at International Bird Rescue.

Dawn is the many brands that make up the Procter & Gamble family.

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