A little goes a long way, as proven in the latest campaign by Cadbury and the global agency of record, VCCP. The confectionery brand continues its ‘There’s a Glass and a Half in Everyone’ series, enlisting a new creative approach with illustrations. 

For the past five years, the brand’s signature series has highlighted the intrinsic traits of generosity in people. This time, its new campaign doesn’t stray from its formula, bringing stories of everyday acts of kindness to life.

Cadbury and VCCP London’s ‘There’s a Glass and a Half in Everyone’ Series

Working on the campaign is South Korean illustrator Minji Moon, who provided impactful and bold, eye-catching visuals. With basic and colourful shapes, the Out Of House (OOH) illustrations showcase acts of generosity and kindness. 

Cadbury and VCCP London's ‘There’s a Glass and a Half in Everyone’ Series
Image Source VCCP London

For example, one scene shows a passenger allowing another to fall asleep on their shoulder during a commute. Another depicts two friends staying connected through a video call. Apart from those, is a scene where a person offers to share their umbrella with a stranger in the rain.

All these acts are sincere, kind, and everyday moments that we may think little of but mean the world to someone else. These uncomplicated scenarios drive home the powerful message of connecting with others through simple generosity.

Speaking on the campaign, Michael Moor, the Marketing Manager at Cadbury Tablets, shared, “Cadbury has been shining a light on every day generosity beautifully since the launch of ‘There’s A Glass And A Half In Everyone’ series over five years ago so it is great that we can amplify this message further with such simple yet impactful visuals.”

Cadbury and VCCP London's ‘There’s a Glass and a Half in Everyone’ Series
Image Source VCCP London

For years, Cadbury’s ‘There’s a Glass and a Half in Everyone’ series has taken centre stage as one of the brand’s more film-like campaigns. However, this time, the intention was to create better awareness of generosity through non-AV channels. Hence, the publicity of its 2023 version in OOH and social platforms.

The Cadbury campaign will run across the United Kingdom until the 22nd of August. Media executions include the local presses, OOH media, and platforms like YouTube, Meta, and Twitter – all led by Publicis Media. 

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