The facelift encompasses a redesign of the brand’s logo, packaging, point-of-sale, and website to emphasise its heritage and innovation

White Owl Cigars has officially activated a brand redesign which includes new packaging and point-of-sale due to hit its stores in January 2016. The move also entails the launch of a new product website which went live on 19 November 2015. The new assets emphasise the brand’s heritage and sense of innovation.

The company’s upcoming packaging modifications will include eye-catching bold pouches that prominently feature a new logo. The revamped exteriors will also highlight the products’ ‘Slow Burn’ proposition, draw attention to each flavour variety, and call out its competitive pricing.

The new online portal is set to offer consumers and trade partners an easy-to-navigate platform for all White Owl products and highlights. Its latest ‘Limited Time’ component features a calendar of upcoming sampling events. Meanwhile, the site’s heritage section provides access to a digital journey travelling back to the 1880s.

“White Owl has provided the slow burning cigars desired by customers since 1887. This redesign will ensure that the brand retains its well-loved brand identity whilst standing out from the competition,” said Katherine Macomber, Senior Brand Manager at White Owl Brands.

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