Wendy’s has kick-started its #Freezer Dig campaign and photo contest to uncover forgotten frozen items across America and Canada.

Wendy’s has rolled out a consumer campaign targeting citizens aged 18 and above in the United States and Canada. Titled #FreezerDig, the push shines the spotlight on the brand’s commitment to fresh, never-frozen beef. The effort includes a photo contest being run on social media now.

Taking a swipe at “some of the other guys” who freeze their beef for later, the fast food giant is using the exercise to exalt its stand on the use of meat, which holds that fresh beef is for now. The national-level marketing exercise will take fans on a journey through North American freezers.

To show just how old some frozen food can be, Wendy’s has launched a national Freezer Expedition by inviting enrollees to find the oldest thing in their freezers. Participants can post a photo or video of the item in question to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtags #FreezerDig and #Sweepstakes.

Between 31 October and 20 November, one winner will be awarded a year’s supply of made-to-order hamburgers featuring fresh produce and a toasted bun daily in the form of a $520 promotional gift card. The group has released an Excavator video series in conjunction with the campaign.

In said spots, archaeologists go on an expedition inside American’s freezers to determine the age of forgotten items. To enter the Wendy’s photo contest, no purchase is necessary; purchases will not increase one’s chances of winning. A dedicated website has gone live to assist with further details.

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