Voltaren’s campaign brings to light the real cost of pain. It doesn’t just limit movement – It limits human connection and contact

Voltaren, the GSK Consumer Healthcare Brand, launches a new global campaign building on their tagline The Joy of Movement with a stronger, deeper purpose: movement allows people to connect and that brings us true joy. The launch of the campaign also coincides with the release of the GSK Consumer Healthcare 2020 Global Pain Index (GPI) results.

Now in its fourth edition, the GPI is a unique social study that has been uncovering significant impact pain has on lives globally. Now in its sixth year, the study has listened to more than 47,000 people to date. Its findings highlight the mental and physical health impact that body pain has on the lives of those who experience it.

‘We have studies and insights gathered over the years that tell us, the consequences of body pain have a far-reaching impact, beyond the physical, affecting the quality of life and emotional well-being of sufferers all around the world. By effectively managing body pain it allows those suffering to get back to connecting with others again. We realised the importance of this to sufferers, working with Publicis we wanted to ensure we stand for something people care about’, said James Masterson – VP & Global Brand Lead Voltaren GSK.

The findings of this study echo GSK Consumer Healthcare’s approach to Voltaren’s new global platform. The whole strategy is built on the insight that through actions and movement we connect on a deeper, more meaningful level than through words alone. But when we are in pain and it’s hard to move, we pull back causing us to lose touch with people around us.

More than eight in ten people move less when they are in pain, risking becoming more sedentary for long periods of time. Additionally, 61% reported their pain makes them less sociable with others and 41% reported feeling useless. As pain impacts both physical and emotional health, it can fuel feelings of withdrawal, leading to a lack of connection with others; a key element of a rich and happy life.

The campaign is a full ecosystem made of two long formats, a product film, key visuals and numerous digital assets throughout. The very complete and innovative customer journey is able to intercept various target audiences in different moments, using the creative device in an engaging way.

Creative scenarios were data-led, using affinities the audience over-indexed on to ensure relevancy and cut-through. It was developed by working closely with channel partners Google, Facebook and Teads, to create assets which worked for their channel formats & ad placements.

The campaign is live in Germany and will continue to be rolled out globally in the coming weeks and months.

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