Visit London has teamed up with the Paris Tourist Office and Eurostar to urge American millennials to visit London and Paris as one vacation.

Visit London has partnered with the Paris Tourist Office and Eurostar to run the #LondonParisNow campaign. The collaboration aims to inspire American jetsetters to create enriching experiences for themselves through travel across the two European cities separated only by a short rail journey.

The Visit London push welcomes adventure enthusiasts to discover nearly two hundred Michelin-starred restaurants, 325 museums and galleries, 371 theatres, and more than 490 nightclubs located across said English and French destinations. Both are parked only about two hours away from each other.

Following research from YouGov, the iconic pair is uniting for the first time in tourism history. The primary objective for the tie-up is to end vacation procrastination by millennials from the United States. The Visit London campaign launching today focuses on the ‘power of now’ and relies on the pull of wanderlust.

Major themes embedded into the exercise cover culture, history, excitement, and exploration by way of hidden gems and popular attractions. According to the survey, less than one in 10 millennial-aged Americans have visited both London and Paris, while over seven out of 10 have the desire to.

Key findings indicate that this desire has to do with the want to visit the two cities as part of one vacation. Leveraging these insights, the above effort has been developed to urge said target segment to make the trip today rather than later. The study also revealed that those aged 18 to 34 tend to snooze more than other generations.

“Vacation procrastination seems to be a very real problem, with more people than ever putting off taking a break to check experiences off their bucket lists. We want to change that. These are destinations that have inspired some of the most prolific minds in the world, from Shakespeare to Monet,” said Laura Citron, Chief Executive of Visit London.

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