Tubi at Cannes Lions has come up with rather unique yet related posters to hint at the creative advertisement. These nine fictitious film posters include ‘The Idea Someone Else Did,’ Creative Déjà Vu,’ ‘Unattended Panel,’ and ‘Posing With a Lion.’

Cynthia Clevenger, vice-president of B2B marketing at Tubi said, “On the heels of our latest Upfront-timed trade campaign, featuring short films geared towards the advertising community. We wanted to create content specifically for Cannes attendees, highlighting the sometimes irreverent experiences we all share at the festival.”

Cannes Lions
Image Source Tubi

Moreover, this tongue-in-cheek campaign presents a gateway to a B2B marketing agency.  Besides, one can see some mocking film posters, such as Unattended Panel and Business as Usual.

This free ad-supported TV streaming, Tubi, has done this in conjunction with Mischief @ No Fixed Address. Without this collaboration, Tubi at Cannes Lions cannot bring its work to life.

Its associate creative director João Viégas added: “With a content library more than 50,000 titles strong, there’s something for everyone on Tubi – even ad people. And, given that Tubi relies on advertisers as part of its model. It felt only natural that we turn up at advertisers’ biggest festival of the year.

”Inspiration for the campaign was extremely easy to find given we are the target audience. It was also somewhat therapeutic. And a wakeup call that I should stop bragging about awards for work I barely worked on.”

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