Sunsweet Prunes Off the Pounds with Amaz!n Deal

The brand has kick-started a social media push to promote healthy living and bone strength via its Amaz!n Prunes product line

 Sunsweet has rolled out a year-long online campaign to promote healthy living. Dubbed #IEatRightBecause, the exercise was developed in partnership with a number of lifestyle experts to spark inspiration and offer fresh ideas surrounding the pursuit of wellness.

Additionally, the company has unveiled a national advertising push to communicate its ongoing efforts in making available products which are taste-, convenience-, and nutrition-sensitive. Its dedication and investment toward the aforementioned goal is fitness-centred.

Encouraging the submission of photos, inspirational quotes, and friendly advice, the overall initiative invites the participation of consumers across social media. The strategy aims to welcome personal stories in support of the main theme to drive motivation and achievement.

Meanwhile, the execution will spotlight the brand’s Amaz!n Prunes line as ‘the feel good fruit’ which contributes to a balanced diet. The direction is based on research indicating that the consumption of five to six prunes daily aids with bone mineral density maintenance in women. Watch Feeling Good Starts with Eating Right spot here.

Welcome to Sunsweet's #IEatRightBecause Campaign. Everyone has a reason for eating right. Share yours!
Welcome to Sunsweets IEatRightBecause Campaign Everyone has a reason for eating right Share yours

As an extension of wider the social media campaign, for every post using the hashtag #IEatRightBecause, Sunsweet will donate $1 to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, an organisation dedicated to championing bone strength and osteoporosis prevention.

On top of receiving a cash token, one grand prize winner will be awarded an exclusive session with nationally-renowned Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Dawn Jackson Blatner. Runner-up giveaways include Sunsweet product samples, VIP coupons, and a Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband.

To enter, contestants are required to enter a photo via the campaign’s dedicated sweepstakes Facebook channel or Twitter using the hashtag #IEatRightBecause. The challenge is slated to run between now and 31 March 2016, and will name winners on a weekly and monthly basis.

“Prunes are a nutrition powerhouse. They are naturally fat free, a good source of fibre, potassium, Vitamin K and they support bone health,” said Dr. Taylor Wallace, PhD, FACN, and Senior Director of Science Policy and Government Relations at the National Osteoporosis Foundation.