Wellness is now just a podcast away, as leading meditation mobile app, Calm, has teamed up with global digital music streamer Spotify. The Calm and Spotify partnership will allow Spotify users to access exclusive audio content from Calm for users to focus on their mental and physical well-being.

According to Calm’s official statement, “One of the challenges of practising mindfulness is finding time for it amid the many demands of day-to-day life. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Spotify to make some of our best content conveniently available in the Spotify podcast catalogue.”

Spotify users can access selected Calm content in the podcast section for free with no Calm Premium subscription needed. These include eleven shows such as Calm for Stress & Anxiety, Calm for Beginners, Calm for Meditation, Calm for Kids, and more. 

With mindfulness tools, grounding exercises, and meditations, users can relieve stress and anxiety better with Calm. Also available on the platform are Sleep Stories narrated by popular personalities like Jennifer Garner, Harry Styles, Wanda Sykes, Cillian Murphy, and P!nk.

Subscribers to Calm Premium have access to new daily episodes of Daily Calm, Daily Trip, and Daily Jay. On the other hand, for non-premium subscribers, those shows will be accessible weekly and may vary.

Spotify’s newest addition sees the platform offering a diverse range of audio sounds for listeners to tune in to. Calming and soothing playlists are plentiful on Spotify’s platform, such as ‘The Most Relaxing Playlist in the World’.

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