smartwater collaborates with Jennifer Aniston in a new creative campaign

Jennifer Aniston, a highly accomplished actor, director, businesswoman, producer and longstanding ambassador of smartwater, a premium, vapour distilled water with electrolytes for taste will be featured in their new ads soon.

The campaign captures four, real life candid moments of Jennifer Aniston’s forward moving journey that were captured by noted photographer Tom Munro and feature smartwater as her essential sidekick. smartwater is Jennifer’s hydrating hiking mate as she heads up the canyon with her beloved dog, a companion as she makes a red carpet entrance and her trusted ally, taking one last sip backstage, before a late night show appearance. In the final image, smartwater sparkling, which launched in 2016, is served as a perfect addition to an intimate dinner party with friends.

“Our consumers love the delicious, pure taste and sleek packaging of smartwater, providing balance and refreshment to accompany progress through everyday journeys,” said Caroline Kibler, Group Director of smartwater. “This campaign celebrates the authentic role smartwater has in Jennifer Aniston’s life, a partner as she moves through both relatable and aspirational moments of progress from fitness to fashion to dinner with friends.”

The campaign also features product-centric pieces that highlight the brand’s key attributes, purity and clean taste. The signature smartwater clouds personify the brand’s unique proposition, vapour distilled for purity with just the right amount of added electrolytes of alcium, magnesium and potassium to deliver a distinctly fresh and crisp taste.

Developed in partnership with Chandelier Creative, the campaign will run in print magazines, on digital and social platforms throughout the country, and will come to life over the summer through events and partnerships.

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