SmartWater’s post-pandemic campaign features comedian and actor, Pete Davidson to commemorate the first-ever Rehydration Day

As Americans geared up for the most-anticipated July 4th holiday in years, SmartWater is serving up a timely reminder to “keep living smart” while venturing out into the world after a year-and-a-half of lockdown.

And the brand is getting a little help from an unexpected spokesperson—comedian, writer, actor and producer Pete Davidson. The “Keep Living Smart” platform launched on 5 July, where SmartWater commemorated the first-ever Rehydration Day by helping the country rebound after the holiday and get back on its feet for the rest of the summer. The brand will tap SmartWater-filled kegs—smartkegs—for pop-up rehydration events at Jones Beach in New York and the Santa Monica Pier near Los Angeles.

“As the leader in the fast-growing premium hydration category, we wanted to put a stake in the ground with a bold, out-of-the-ordinary act inviting fans to live a little bit smarter,” said Ulises Ramírez, Group Director, Hydration Portfolio for The Coca-Cola Company’s North America Operating Unit.

“COVID has challenged everyone to adapt and adjust—and make smarter decisions—and we believe this July 4th will feel very different. People are calling it reopening of America and hoping it’s a signal of life returning to normal, so we saw an opportunity to create a fun cultural moment.”

The “Keep Living Smart” campaign will extend into the fall with creative featuring Davidson, including TV, social, digital and audio content.

“Let’s be honest, this summer is a wild one, and I’m here for it,” Davidson said. “But I’m also going to keep living smart and staying hydrated, making my pee as clear as possible on rehydration day, and you should, too. Which is why I’m so stoked about working with SmartWater.”

The brand will continue to partner with actress Gal Gadot and professional basketball player Ben Simmons to promote its fast-expanding portfolio of premium hydration options, which now includes smartwater+, SmartWater alkaline and SmartWater antioxidant.

“Pete has been very vocal about his personal growth,” Ramírez said. “And as a brand that strives to stand for confidently charting your own path, we see ourselves in him. He’s a good-humoured, great-natured, stand-up guy who’s just trying to learn from his past and keep living smarter, and we’re honoured to be a part of his journey. We see Pete as an affable and relatable embodiment of SmartWater’s belief that doing what’s smart isn’t about going with convention, but about making choices that are right for you.”

As the growth of the US$2.3B/£1.6B premium water category continues to outpace the nonalcoholic ready-to-drink (NARTD) beverage industry in North America, SmartWater is stepping up its marketing investment to maintain its leadership position and recruit new consumers into the trademark.

“We will build on the momentum we’re seeing by challenging ourselves to redefine what SmartWater stands for in a refreshingly relatable way,” Ramírez said. “Everything we do in 2021 with the brand will be rooted in inspiring smarter choices.”

Ramírez concluded, “SmartWater has never been a prescriptive brand… we’ve always had a sense of humour and wanted to make our fans smile. And there’s no better way to make you smile than acknowledging that we can all make questionable decisions occasionally, then turn around and make smarter decisions.”

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