Skullcandy encourages consumers to break boundaries through multifaceted influencer personalities, nonprofit support, unique product collaborations and compelling content

Skullcandy Inc., the #1 selling brand in stereo headphones and true wireless earbuds under US$100/£72.31, has announced its all-new Sound Without Boundaries brand campaign.

Born from the broad-ranging social justice movements of 2020, Skullcandy’s year-long campaign illuminates important cultural issues whilst illustrating how music, coupled with Skullcandy’s true wireless technology – which enables people to live free from wires – can inspire everyone to break boundaries.

A roster of 17 multi-dimensional athletes, musicians and visual artists – deemed Boundary Breakers – will serve as the centrepiece of Skullcandy’s Sound Without Boundaries initiative. The personalities, who aren’t just crushing their craft but also using their platforms to inspire others and advocate for change, include:

Kai Jones, 14-year-old freeskier and staunch climate-change activist; Mothica, an Indie pop singer who went viral on Tik Tok with her song “Vices,” inspired by her journey to sobriety and commitment to mental health advocacy and overcoming addiction,

Gianni Lee, a well-established artist, DJ and fashion designer who focuses his art on social issues and representation in America and abroad; Briana King, skateboarder, community organiser, activist and model recognised for her work to create judgement-free spaces for girls and LGBTQ+ skaters.

Dorian Electra, a non-binary/gender-fluid alternative pop artist whose music is unbound by genre and often centres around challenging gender stereotypes and cultural expectations
Guapdad 4000, hip hop artist and viral online comedian who has changed the game for what it means to be an ‘internet personality.

Vasu Sojitra, an outdoor athlete who challenges the biases faced by people of colour with disabilities through his work promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) within the outdoor industry.

Skullcandy will spotlight each Boundary Breaker in a profile video as well as several other pieces of content, each concept, produced, directed, filmed and edited by its in-house creative team. The content will run across Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook and be supported by a paid ad spend.

“Like so many others, we were deeply impacted by the events of 2020, and as a brand, Skullcandy felt compelled to use our platform and resources to promote positive change,” said Jessica Klodnicki, Chief Marketing Officer, Skullcandy.

“Sound Without Boundaries is our way of illuminating people who rise above the status quo and support causes that resonate with our Millennial and Gen Z consumers. We are proud to be an authentic conduit between the playlists that inspire them and the boundaries they are seeking to break.”

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