Schweppes campaign approaches the topic of growing up with fresh eyes, depicting a subtle, refined and surprising transition into maturity and sophistication.

Schweppes is the longest-standing brand in its beverage category – dating back to 1783. The drink has several characteristic qualities including its sharp and bittersweet taste, effervescent texture and long-lasting bubbles. Though these qualities make it an acquired taste, ‘Here’s to Character’ was developed specifically to highlight the benefits of growing into sophistication and appreciation.

Four films portray various versions of this evolution; sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet. One protagonist is on a night out with his father while another leaves room for his friend to talk to the girl of his dreams. As they make these decisions, we see the characters step into a refined bar, signalling their arrival into adulthood. In two other films, viewers see women deciding on a fizzy Schweppes – one after an argument with her partner and the other after realizing it’s simply the better choice.



Schweppes friends

The campaign, made by Publicis Italy, is featured in film, digital and print versions. It is currently out in various countries.

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