Graza, renowned for its unique squeeze bottle design, is making waves beyond its iconic packaging. Collaborating with James Beard Pastry Chef finalist Natasha Pickowicz, they’ve unveiled a new mini cookbook named More Than (Olive Oil) Cake. 

This innovative cooklet, the brand’s second, follows Natasha’s successful debut cookbook, More Than Cake. Further, it makes its debut in partnership with designer Krista Esse and art director Paloma Raines.

The cookbook features ten inventive recipes exclusively using Graza olive oil. Amazingly, it represents Graza’s commitment to culinary exploration. This innovative creation is referred to as a “cooklet” by the brand—a blend of a cookbook and booklet. Besides, it offers various recipes to showcase the versatility of its olive oils.

Which Unique benefits make Sizzle and Drizzle a robust part of Mini Cookbook?

Image source Graza

Graza presents two distinct oils: Sizzle, a mild 100% extra-virgin olive cooking oil. It is a 750ml squeeze bottle ideal for everyday cooking techniques like roasting, searing, and sautéing. Moreover, it is derived from mature, mid-season olives, resulting in a more subtle flavor profile. This way, it serves as a suitable ingredient for various culinary applications.

Contrarily, Drizzle, a 500ml bottle, serves as an extra virgin finishing oil. It is a robust olive oil perfect for dipping crusty bread or enhancing dishes as a finishing oil. That is because it captures bold flavors from olives picked early. Besides, it maximizes antioxidants and has an intense taste by working as a magic spoon

The oils stand out for their emphasis on fresh olives sourced and bottled solely in Spain, ensuring an unblended, premium quality product.

Quite obviously, specialty olive oils often come with hefty price tags. For instance, Graza offers the Sizzle and Drizzle Combo Pack at $35 for a one-time purchase. However, subscribing to a recurring plan slashes the cost to $31.50, making it an affordable option for high-quality olive oil fans.

This collaboration between Graza and Natasha Pickowicz represents a fusion of culinary expertise and innovation. Additionally, it introduces consumers to a range of delightful, oil-infused recipes. 

Hence, this inclusion of the cookbook brings a complementary addition to Graza, offering value and encouraging exploration in the kitchen. This cooklet by the best-selling author is free with a purchase of Graza. Thus, it’s a tempting invitation for food enthusiasts to experiment with these premium olive oils.

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