Samsung Electronics launches a month-long celebration of sustainability initiatives, programs, and innovations to celebrate World Environment Day

Samsung Electronics understands the importance of not just designing innovative products and services with the environment in mind, but also of drawing awareness to one of our planet’s most pressing issues – environmental sustainability.

This is why the company is launching a month-long celebration of sustainability initiatives, programs, and innovations to celebrate World Environment Day, a global day of sustainability awareness created by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) that sees participation from people all around the world.

In order to encourage people to embrace creative and sustainable solutions for World Environment Day this year, Samsung is kicking off its month of sustainable celebration with the launch of Small World, a make-it-yourself cardboard collection to give the packaging a second life developed in collaboration with artist Papersmith.

Since 2020, Samsung has been expanding its revolutionary Eco-packaging solution that lets you upcycle your TV product packaging into helpful home décor items. Inspired by this program’s easy-to-use dot matrix design as a fun and simple way to encourage users to act sustainably, Samsung is commencing its month of eco-conscious activity with Small World, a program that provides users with even more creative ways of reusing cardboard boxes.

In order to bring the Small World program to life, Samsung collaborated with renowned Amsterdam-based paper artist AJ Smith, known as Papersmith, to create an astonishing art piece featuring buildings, animals, and plants built from the product packaging of Samsung TVs, Galaxy S21, Galaxy Buds Pro – and more – alone.

What’s more, people around the world, too, can get involved at home through twelve downloadable prints of some of the characters featured in Small World. Along with this do-it-yourself cardboard template collection, users can then share their creations online using the hashtag #ReimagineABetterPlanet.

This June, Samsung is also going to highlight its existing range of programs, initiatives, and products that support environmental sustainability across the company’s social media channels and website, including the Galaxy Upcycling and Galaxy Upcycling at Home programs that encourage the repurposing of older smartphones into IoT devices and the company’s industry-leading energy-efficient memory chips that enable smarter power consumption from the inside out.

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