This January sees the launch of seven exciting new plant-based products from Sainsbury’s, providing innovative solutions for meat-free mealtimes

A UK supermarket first, the new by Sainsbury’s Sweet & Smokey BBQ Pulled Jackfruit is succulent, juicy and flavourful; super satisfying when stuffed in a taco, or shredded over the top of a burger. Hailed as a Google Trend rising star in 2016 and a firm favourite of Street Food kings; the likes of Dishoom, Spice Box and Club Mexicana all champion pulled jackfruit as a delicious vegan choice. The unusual, but versatile, fruit tastes like a cross between a pineapple and a pear and its ability to imitate pulled pork is extraordinary.

For those striving to start the year on a lighter note, but still seeking comforting ‘dude food’, look no further than the ‘Shroomdog’! Exclusive to the brand, their veg-based take on a classic sausage is made of succulent mushrooms, with a vibrant peppery warmth and available in two flavours; by Sainsbury’s Caramelised Onion Shroomdogs and by Sainsbury’s Cumberland Shroomdogs. Both deliver the full-on flavour and mouth-watering meaty texture that you’d expect from a top-quality banger, yet are over 80% less fat than its meaty equivalent.

The brand’s new by Sainsbury’s Mushroom Mince, a lighter alternative to traditional meat mince, is ideally used in a Bolognese, shepherds’ pie or chilli con carne. Both the mince and dogs are made using ‘ugly’ mushrooms, helping to tackle food waste.

Cauliflower is set to be the cool kid on the block – no longer just smothered with cheese; there is cauli rice, pizza bases and now ‘steaks’! The chunky by Sainsbury’s Cauliflower Steaks come with a feisty Chimmichurri marinade, perfect for serving with sweet potato fries and a salad or as a guilt-free side to grilled meats. Their Indian-inspired by Sainsbury’s Cauli Burgers will also launch in the range.

“With over a quarter of meat-eating Brits actively reducing their meat consumption, there is a clear appetite for exciting and new ways to introduce more vegetables into our lives. Sainsbury’s new range of plant-based products provide innovative, inspirational solutions for everyday meals – from our supermarket-first pulled Jackfruit, to the super-satisfying ‘Shroomdogs’, we’re really proud to be offering a wide choice of flavours and can’t wait to hear how our customers are using them,” said Georgina Lunn, Product Developer for Fresh Produce.


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