Aeon Ads Brings AI to Marketing

The machine learning by Aeon Ads aims at handling all of the customer’s content marketing efforts to make their website more visible to users

Aeon Ads, an online marketing company, announced today the successful merging of digital advertising and artificial intelligence. The programme was created to consult businesses on how they can engage with their audiences in a productive way. The machine learning aims at handling all of the customer’s content marketing efforts to make their website more visible to users. The software relies on historical data sets to learn how to predict events by detecting patterns that can then be used to determine the outcome of an action. Below are three examples of how they manage to incorporate artificial intelligence in their campaigns.

Smart Content

By analysing extensive volumes of input Aeon Ads can determine what type of users will most likely share or purchase next, thus create content that is optimised and more likely to convert. That also includes making other product recommendations based on past purchases or helping to expand a subscription-based business.

Voice Search

Since the emergence of voice assistants like Siri and Alexa, speech recognition has become a major factor in online advertising. This means everything must be optimised for search queries in the form of a question. Aeon Ads uses the right long tail keywords to help the customer’s brand get this right and help businesses increase their organic traffic with prospects that are ready to buy.

Ad Targeting / Predictive Analytics

From past performance reports the software can determine which ads had the best results. Using this information, the customer can serve content at the right time in the right place. Once applied to dynamic pricing, the customer can set prices accordingly. Machine learning can help profit margins by forecasting what price a client will probably convert at.

All these methods aim to help companies of all sizes embed artificial intelligence in their marketing plan and use that insight to their advantage.