RITZ sets out to remind consumers that there are strength and love in togetherness, and a blood relation isn’t the only way to define family

The RITZ brand, one of America’s favourite crackers, has unveiled its “Where There’s Love, There’s Family” advertising campaign for the 2020 holiday season, celebrating the beauty and importance of chosen families.

Through an emotionally-charged TV spot, custom content partnerships with Hulu and Vice Media Group, and a robust social media campaign, the RITZ brand sets out to remind consumers that there are strength and love in togetherness, and a blood relation isn’t the only way to define family.

The “Where There’s Love, There’s Family” TV spot opens with a series of vignettes featuring people longing for inclusion and acceptance, from a grandmother unable to be near her family, to a gay man whose mother hasn’t reciprocated his many attempts to connect.

The video reaches a pivotal moment when, at a homeless shelter, a young girl shares a RITZ cracker with a man sitting across the table from her. At that moment, a connection is forged, bringing a smile to the man’s face. The video culminates with each person finding belonging and love, celebrating the holidays with their chosen families, who welcome and embrace them as they are.

“‘Where There’s Love, There’s Family’ challenges the definition of ‘family’ and the belief that it has to be defined by blood or marriage,” said Patty Gonzalez, Senior Director of Marketing at Mondelēz.

“At a time when our families may be strained as a result of social distancing, political tensions or personal orientations and identities, the RITZ brand’s campaign is intended to encourage Americans to help build a more accepting world and welcome in those that may be feeling disconnected or alone.”

The casting of the TV spot was incredibly important in bringing “Where There’s Love, There’s Family” to life. Created in partnership with The Martin Agency, the RITZ brand and director Andre Muir focused on bringing authentic stories to life and cast two gay men of colour, a transgender woman (with her roommates as background extras) and a non-binary person for the spot. This focus on diverse storytelling gives a voice to those who can relate firsthand to the power of chosen families.

“We felt strongly about finding a cast who could help us tell these important stories in an authentic and meaningful manner,” said Sara Kuhs, Creative Director at The Martin Agency. “During casting, it became apparent to us how closely linked the actors’ personal experiences were to those they were portraying, making our message about inclusion and belonging that much more palpable and powerful.”

As part of its “Where There’s Love, There’s Family” campaign, the RITZ brand is proud to donate US$50k/£37k to three charitable groups in the US whose missions are founded in creating a more welcoming place for all: Hispanic Star, It Gets Better Project and Invisible People.

The new RITZ brand “Where There’s Love, There’s Family” premium national marketing campaign also features digital videos, banner ads, social advertising, as well as custom content collaborations with Hulu and Vice Media Group.

Led by Spark Foundry, the RITZ brand and Vice Media Group present ‘Our Table,’ an original content series spotlighting the real stories of four chosen families and the bonds created by their shared interests and unlikely friendships.

Tapping into Vice Media Group’s diversified platforms, including Vice Digital, Munchies, Refinery29, R29 and Somos, the RITZ brand will connect with unique audiences to spread their welcoming message and inspire inclusivity this holiday season.

The RITZ brand is also marking the holidays with the return of its popular limited-edition Snowflake cracker, featuring the classic taste of RITZ Crackers in a delightful snowflake shape. Perfect for holiday spreads and snacking, the RITZ brand’s Snowflake crackers are available at grocery retailers nationwide.

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