The Brands Join UNESCO and Save the Children to Educate and Develop Skills of Female Syrian Refugees

Procter & Gamble and global feminine care brand, Always, collaborate with UNESCO and Save the Children to help rebuild the confidence of girls in Jordan through education and skill development.

A large number of Syrian refugees, especially girls, are no longer attending school. Adolescent girls entering puberty or going through their early teenage years are particularly at risk. Additionally, many young women affected by the crisis are unable to work and provide income for their families, lacking access to training and facing gender-based barriers.

This programme builds on the Always’ 30-year heritage of providing puberty and confidence education to more than 17 million girls around the world every year, and furthers P&G’s commitment to gender equality.

This new initiative focuses on reaching young Syrian and Jordanian women who have encountered significant challenges with continuing and completing basic education or pursuing training opportunities.

The programme provides these young, at-risk women with life skills and work-readiness training, whilst encouraging shared experiences and an open dialogue between Syrians and Jordanians. It is designed to help the young women develop business and vocational skills to realise their potential.

Always is also supporting Save the Children’s programme focused on helping thousands of adolescent South African and Nigerian girls stay in school. The campaign provides homebound girls with life skills and educates their parents on the importance of supporting their daughters through puberty. The programme also involves local community support through formal and non-formal education, either in local schools or home-school efforts.

“At P&G, we believe girls and women are a force for positive change in the world. Growing their knowledge and skills builds confidence and unleashes their full potential and power. Our commitment today as P&G and through our Always brand contributes to our aspiration to build a better world for all of us — a world free of gender bias,” said Carolyn Tastad, Gender Equality Executive Sponsor and Group President of North America, P&G.

Both programmes aim to reach around 1,000 girls and young women.

To donate, visit UNESCO and Save the Children websites.

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