A marketing campaign which entails a TV spot featuring an iconic Ghostbusters character will launch in tandem with the collaboration.

Papa John’s, the official pizza sponsor of the NFL, is extending its reach beyond the field to the box office. The brand is scheduled to make a major splash over the summer on the big screen with its largest film integration to support the release of Ghostbusters in theatres on 15 July 2016.

The move was unveiled in celebration of Ghostbusters Day, the anniversary of the original film’s release in 1984. While the brand’s pizza is set to appear in the movie, a new limited-edition product offer and pizza box will also roll out in conjunction with the blockbuster’s upcoming debut.

Meanwhile, a marketing and promotional campaign which entails a television spot featuring an iconic Ghostbusters character is slated to launch in tandem with the aforementioned strategic partnership. Leading up to the movie’s release, said commercial is set to premiere on 27 June 2017.

“Movies bring people together, just like pizza so this film partnership is a natural fit for us. It’s a new take on a classic that will bring Ghostbusters to a new, younger audience. Keep an eye out for a memorable character from the original film as well as a new addition to the team,” said Robert Thompson, SVP of Marketing at Papa John’s.

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