PacSun launches PacCares, a new philanthropic initiative dedicated to the health and well-being of young people

This year PacSun is celebrating the holiday season with a campaign titled PacSun Family, in which customers and employees will be featured instead of professional models, as a way for PacSun to thank its loyal customers and employees for coming together during a difficult year.

“We have been inspired by the support and dedication of our staff and loyalty of our community this year,” says Brie Olson, Chief Brand Officer. “We wanted to celebrate them in our holiday campaign, so we cast the entire campaign via Instagram to feature true fans of the brand. Our creative team combed through posts tagging our merchandise to find the cast, who styled themselves in some of their favorite looks from the coming season.”

In further tribute to its community, built by youth culture, PacSun announces PacCares; a new philanthropic initiative dedicated to the health and well-being of young people.

PacCares will partner with a network of philanthropic organisations that represent core PacSun values of good mental health, diversity and equality. PacSun will contribute up to US$250k/£192k, from the proceeds of the PacCares merchandise collection sales to support the organisations.

Inaugural PacCares beneficiaries will include Born This Way Foundation and Girl Up.

As the brand of its generation, PacSun will use its platform to create an open forum for topics that are deeply affecting Gen-Z with PacTalks – a new bi-weekly IG Live series which launched on 16 October 2020, featuring topical segments, moderated by experts in the field and open for questions from the PacSun community. Initial topics included voting, social media stress relief, diversity and inclusion and gratitude.

The first episode “let’s talk: taking action” features a conversation between actress and activist Yara Shahidi and youth activist Naomi Wadler talking about getting involved in your community. Future guests to include Nupol Kiazolu, Civil Rights Activist and Organiser.

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