Oakheart is redefining its positioning with the introduction of fresh packaging to its product portfolio to stand alone from Bacardí.

 Oakheart has launched a rebranding exercise around its portfolio. The move will see fresh packaging applied to its merchandise so that its product stands alone from Bacardí. Whilst retaining familiarity, the new look is designed to adopt a more classic and masculine outlook style-wise.

Aimed to capture the essence of the marque, the re-imagined label depicts a barrel with flames extending from each end over a pair of crossed axes. The icon described pays homage to the charred oak barrels in which its spiced rum is mellowed, while coopered in the American heartland.

Advertising includes targeted tactics via digital, radio, social, and out-of-home. In addition to digital partnerships, consumers planning weekend tailgates in key markets can expect a custom Snapchat filter from the beverage giant meant to encourage sports fans to stock up for game day.

Out-of-home efforts entail mobile billboards and aerial banners in high-traffic areas with proximity to major stadiums. Also, the brand has partnered with Barstool Sports, a men’s satirical sports-focused blog; its video content and athlete interviews are captured and shared with readers.

Timed around sporting events while targeting the millennial male, Oakheart will challenge fans as a brotherhood to physical feats in select markets. Participants will be asked to raise a flag mounted in a giant American oak barrel. The players who succeed will be invited to ‘Take the Oakth’.

The initiation will see their names carved onto the barrel and the winners welcomed into the fold to cement their legacy and victory. The barrel will tour the United States. The push also features a tie-up with American footballer, Brian Westbrook, with more such alliances slated to take shape.

Target markets include Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Minnesota, California, Wisconsin, Colorado, North Carolina, Illinois, Texas, and Indiana. The upcoming consumer events exemplify the All in, All Heart campaign which was originally rolled out across four markets in 2015.

“The positioning and new packaging is reflective of the Oakheart spirit and will be brought to life through a campaign running until December and experiential consumer activations from October through March,” said Nadine Iacocca, Brand Director, Rums at Bacardi in North America.

Photo credit: Polar Studio Photography

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