Morrisons employees create low-budget film to show supermarket’s efforts at giving unsold food to the poor and homeless

Morrisons, one of the largest supermarket chains in the UK, just releases a low-budget Christmas ad which was the brain-child of two of its employees, Pam Abbott and Bev Kelly. Both had it in mind to highlight the importance of reaching out to the poor and the homeless during the Christmas season.

The aim of the ad is to show its shoppers its very own selfless giving programme which gives unsold food — from delicious mince pies to freshly baked bread — to the poor and needy via various street kitchens and local charities in different areas. The video follows a load of mince pies and loose carrots on its way to a local street kitchen in Wakesfield and from the very first instance, we are introduced to Bev Kelly herself, a community champion for Morrisons Wakefield.

“Morrisons gives unsold food from all its stores to help those in need every day,” we see at the beginning of the ad.

‘Every day Morrisons Community Champions up and down the country work to help their local neighbourhoods. We thought this film would help to show our year-round food donations. We also hoped to remind people that Christmas is a time for kindness and giving – especially to those who are struggling most,’ explained Pam and Bev.

The supermarket chain also wants people to know that its efforts of giving food to the hungry happens year-round, not just on Christmas day.

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