Drawing from its summer push, Mitsubishi has replicated its surprise-and-delight strategy for a new creative aimed at its American market.

Mitsubishi has released an advertising push targeting its American audience. Titled Punking the Test Drive, the new initiative rides largely on the effective momentum of a former campaign called Freestyle Test Drive, which launched in the summer and starred the rapper, Harry Mack.

Similar to the previous creative, the current exercise has the objective to turn a standard Mitsubishi test drive into a memorable experience for consumers. By incorporating the element of surprise, the aim is to elevate every encounter through the engagement of uniquely talented sales associates.

The first installment presents Jon Bailey, whose movie trailer voice is featured in commercials, cartoons, films, and promotions. For the spot, he uses his recognisable skill to narrate the highlights of the latest Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. In the second, child rap artiste, Alaya High, spotlights the Outlander.

The Mitsubishi shorts will run on terrestrial television in the United States and across the brand’s digital advertising efforts as well as social media channels to generate buzz. The Eclipse Cross and Outlander are top picks under the carmaker’s crossover utility vehicles (CUV) segment.

“The Punking the Test Drive campaign was a natural next step for the brand as we fully embraced the concept of surprise-and-delight test drives after the success of Harry Mack,” said Francine Harsini, Chief Marketing Officer of Mitsubishi Motors North America.

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