Made to run with the iPhone and Androids, Access was developed in partnership with Google to leverage its smartwatch platform

Penetrating the wearables market, Michael Kors, is slated to introduce its inaugural wearable technology accessories line, beginning with the Access display smartwatch. Targeting the fashion-forward consumer, the model features a timepiece driven by luxury and innovation.

Made to run with the iPhone and Android phones, the accessory was developed in partnership with Google to function in tandem with the internet giant’s Android smartwatch platform. The product’s debut took place at the recent Baselworld 2016, the watch industry’s premier trade show.

Designed to deliver on seamless social connectivity, the customisable variant marries the elements of glamour and effortlessness, as seen through its key features. Boasting interchangeable display faces, the collection sports a digital chronograph (gym) and animated pavé (night) design.

Available to both men and women, the range dons a sporty appearance in its masculine variety and decadent sense of style across the feminine switch. Equipped with a leather or silicone wristband, its touchscreen offers app, social media, text, and email alerts, smart help from Google, fitness tracking as well as voice-activated Google.

“Our brand is built on giving our customers what they want for their 24/7 fast-paced lifestyle. We know they’re busy and need to be connected. We’re now offering them a smartwatch that lets them have access to a world of glamour, escape, and adventure,” said Jimmy Idol, Chairman and CEO of Michael Kors.

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