McDonald’s and TBWA\Paris create ad featuring young boy who collects memories and keepsakes

McDonald’s has unveiled a touching ad that features a young boy who carries around a Happy Meal box given him by his grandmother whilst collecting memories and precious keepsakes as he adventures through life.

McDonald’s was a five-time winner of the World Branding Awards.

The film, directed by Adam Berg through Excuse My French and Smuggler, portrays the iconic red Happy Meal box as a container for precious memories. In the film, the boy collects little bits and pieces of his adventures and experiences and puts them in his box. These memories come in the form of soap bubbles, pebbles, sticks, even laughter and his mother’s perfume scent.

The sole purpose of collecting these memories is to share them in the end, and we can see how he excitedly brings them back to his grandmother – after what seems to be a long time – and shares them with her.

McDonald’s Happy Meal box has been a long-standing tradition since 1979. With this ad, the global fast-food chain explores how this tradition has attracted children through the years just so they can get their hands on a happy meal box and a toy to play with.

TBWA\Paris has beautifully captured the imaginations and whims of young children whose lives have been impacted by a Happy Meal experience – an experience and a tradition that passes from generation to generation.

The uber nostalgic film is gently accompanied by Lost in the Light by Bahamas, which was written by Afie Salomon Jurvanen. The music and lyrics perfectly set the mood for this sentimental and wistful ad.

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