The new McCafé blend has won the approval of Canadian specialty coffee-drinkers through a series of taste panels held countrywide.

McDonald’s Canada is upping the ante with the coast-to-coast introduction of a new espresso bean blend to its McCafé speciality portfolio. Switching to stately Swiss equipment, the brand is set to bring European-inspired coffee quality to about 1,200 stores nationwide over the coming year.

Meanwhile, all employees will receive in-depth training so every serving is customised to match guest’ orders while served in the brand’s hallmark Rewards Loyalty cup. Boasting a selection of lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, and Americanos, said recipe was developed by a team of espresso experts.

Riding on bold aroma, flavour, body, and taste, the re-imagined concoction went on to win the approval of local specialty coffee-drinkers through a series of taste panels which were held countrywide. The offering continues to be a key driver of McDonald’s Canada’s connection with its consumers.

The chain has made major strides in recent years with the expansion of McCafé into grocery stores and the launch of standalone cafés. With the above announcement, the fast food giant carries on in its delivery of a brand experience carefully tailored to the lifestyles of its modern-day customers.

“We’ve listened and sought out a new espresso bean blend and introduced state-of-the-art Swiss equipment into our restaurants to deliver consistently satisfying specialty coffees that are the perfect balance of espresso and milk,” said Anne Parks, McCafé Menu Director at McDonald’s Canada.

McDonald’s is a three-time winner of the World Branding Awards, securing its recurring title in the Fast Food (Global) category for the past two years and the Quick Service Restaurants (Global) segment this year.

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