Due to popular demand, Dairy Queen has relaunched its $5 Buck Lunch, a limited-time offer now available all day through October.

Dairy Queen has launched an advertising campaign to promote the return of its $5 Buck Lunch deal in the United States. The comeback is a response to the social media buzz the brand has been receiving over the all-day offer. The limited-time offer is slated to run through October at participating stores.

Launched in 2013, it features an entrée (deluxe cheeseburger optional), crispy regular fries, a beverage and the DQ sundae. Diners can choose to upgrade their sundae to a small Blizzard. The Dairy Queen exercise is also supported by social media push, with the TVC highlighting a tweet from a diehard fan.

“We had fun with the commercial, but the message is clear. The brand is very popular on social media. Our fans are so engaged we are mentioned once every eight seconds. We take great pride in listening and responding quickly,” said Barry Westrum, EVP of Marketing at American Dairy Queen.

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