Marmite XO returns

Marmite XO

Marmite XO, the extra strong variety of the love or hate spread, makes a come back after almost ten years.

The Unilever-owned brand will be re-launching the breakfast spread following a campaign by fans for it to return. It first hit shelves in 2010 when a group of Marmite superfans, ‘Marmarati’, helped to select the new flavour.

The XO version has a stronger flavour due to it being matured for 28 days, 4 times longer than its traditional counterpart.

The product will be on sale in Tesco for six months and will roll out across the market depending on how well sales go. 

Marmite’s Brand Manager, Camilla Williamson, commented: “The British public have been pleading for the return of Marmite XO for some time and we’re delighted to team up with Tesco to give them exactly what they want.

“We can’t wait to spread the love by ensuring everyone has a chance to sample the deliciously coveted taste of the nation’s favourite savoury spread.”