Lexus has rolled out a marketing campaign, The New Frontier, in the United States. The push launches the city-centric UX luxury crossover.

Lexus has created a push to launch its inaugural 2019 UX, a luxury compact crossover. Released as a concept three years ago, it was designed for the modern urban explorer. Great for city-cruising, the model suits a lifestyle built for exploration and experimentation.

The campaign showcases how cities are the new frontier of American culture; a canvas for creativity, from ideas in fashion, food, and architecture to artistic expression. A first spot has debuted. Titled Plant a Flag, it depicts an orange crossover in a mysterious metropolis.

The camera changes perspectives to show that the UX isn’t travelling horizontally on the road but vertically up a skyscraper. A complementary television commercial, A Different Frontier, sees the UX navigate city streets and flaunt its design against urban backdrops.

Multicultural spots directed by Joseph Kahn, have been developed for the black, Hispanic, and LGBTQ audiences of Lexus. The respective ads are called The New Renaissance, One of a Kind, and Mission Possible, and will feature across traditional and new media channels.

The general market terrestrial spots will air during prime time, cable, late night, cultural, and sports programming. Print creatives will feature in top-tier lifestyle, travel, wellness, and automotive magazines. Digital spans online videos and banners across social media.

Additional content partnerships with National Geographic and Discovery Network will launch later in the month. The UX is on sale in dealerships. Consumers can choose between the UX 200 and hybrid UX 250h with all-wheel drive. Both variants are available in F SPORT.

“The spots highlight how our new crossover reflects the city from every angle and is made to conquer today’s frontiers. Blending solid craftsmanship, seamless connectivity, and bold design, the UX is the perfect intersection of form and function,” said Cooper Ericksen, VP of Marketing at Lexus.

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