Lexus has kick-started its 2018 December to Remember initiative. The campaign features three primary adverts for several key markets.

For the nineteenth year in a row, Lexus has launched its annual December to Remember advertising campaign. The push debuts with three spots created for its varied audiences. The exercise depicts how holiday gift-giving can ignite amazing experiences all year-long.

The films celebrate families and auspicious memories during Easter, the Fourth of July, Halloween, and other occasions like a child moving into his college dorm or attending a high school football game. Each ends with a familiar jingle and classic red bow atop a car.

To extend the campaign’s reach, translations for Joy were developed for Asian-American segments in five key markets. The Memories and Celebrations commercials were adapted for the brand’s Black and Hispanic audiences. The Lexus ads are now running on television.

Broadcast spans prime time, late night, cable, and sport networks, while print entails product-focused imagery. Digital includes automotive, lifestyle, and sports websites, with an out-of-home component planned for 11 markets. These include Times Square and Capitol One Arena roll-outs.

“This time of year is full of joy and family traditions which last well beyond the gift-giving season. We wanted to capture the idea that our December to Remember has the potential to create unforgettable moments all year round,” said Cooper Ericksen, VP of Marketing at Lexus.

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