LEGO Group reinforces its commitment to lower its carbon footprint and help consumers make more sustainable choices

The LEGO Group has joined the European Commission’s new Green Consumption Pledge pilot initiative – one of the first companies to sign up for this climate action initiative. By joining the pledge, the Group reinforces its commitment to lower its carbon footprint and help consumers make more sustainable choices.

A virtual event was hosted in Brussels, Belgium on 25 January 2021, to announce the Green Consumption Pledge and participation by L’Oréal, Colruyt Group, Decathlon and Renewd, as well as the LEGO Group. VP of Environmental Responsibility at the LEGO Group, Tim Brooks, announced their commitment in a video:

“Businesses need to play a core role in the transition to a low-carbon and circular economy. And we know we can’t do this alone. This is why the LEGO Group are committed to joining forces with legislators, consumers, experts and partners and work together to have a positive impact on the planet.”

The pilot programme is based on a set of five core climate action pledges. Participating companies are required to take concrete measures in at least three of the five pledge areas and progress will be measured and assessed on publicly available data. The pilot will end by January 2022, when the initiative will be evaluated in consultation with participating companies.

Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, who hosted the event, said:

“Empowering consumers to make green choices – that is what we set out to do last autumn when we published the New Consumer Agenda. For informed choices, consumers need more transparency on the carbon footprint and sustainability of products. This is what the initiative is about. I therefore warmly welcome the five companies to the Green Pledge and I applaud them on their commitment to go beyond what is required by law. I look forward to working with many more companies, so we can boost further sustainable consumption in the EU.”

The LEGO Group has committed to action in three key areas covered by the Green Consumption Pledge. To continue work to reduce the LEGO Group’s carbon footprint, to ensure that the LEGO Group’s climate data is easily available to the public, and to promote sustainable practices to the LEGO Group’s external audiences.

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