LEGO and Gameloft Launch Virtual Gaming Zone for Kids


The LEGO Group has collaborated with Gameloft for brands to unveil a new online LEGO gaming experience for kids. Part of the LEGO Friends world, Heartlake Friendship Zone is a virtual, interactive game for kids to continue their friendships online.

The game takes place in Heartlake City, where players can interact freely with one another using pre-set dialogues, emojis and more. Fun mini-games and quests are also in-store for them to explore. Avid players will notice the addition of eight new LEGO Friends characters, like Zac, Nova, and Autumn.

One of the more entertaining aspects of the game is the customisable avatars. Skin tones, hairstyles, eye colours, expressions, and personalisation can be uniquely customised.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Gameloft has observed the shift to digital gaming environments for kids to meet their friends. With many being online and making friends online, Heartlake Friendship Zone is a kid-safe environment to play and interact with their pals.

Jean-Baptiste Godinot, the Global Sales Director at Gameloft for brands, stated: “With 83% of gamers saying games help them make new friends, we’re not only thrilled to launch this innovative experience, but all the more convinced it’s really serving the LEGO Friends purpose to make children better friends.”

In the virtual world of Heartlake Friendship Zone, the lessons on friendship don’t stop there. Players can apply the skills they learn in-game to their friendships in the current world. Ultimately, the goal is to empower children to explore friendships online in a manner that is both fun and safe.

The LEGO Friends’ Heartlake Friendship Zone game is available globally and for free on desktop and mobile devices.

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