Ketchum Beefs Up Global Food Business with Cultivate

The arm is aimed at helping purpose-driven brands with a natural, organic, and sustainable focus achieve business success

Public relations network, Ketchum, has the launched the formation of Cultivate, a new community of specialists within its industry-leading global food and beverage practice. The arm is aimed at helping purpose-driven brands with a natural, organic, and sustainable focus achieve business success.

Designed to support both emerging brands as well as mainstream food companies looking to evolve their products and sustainable practices, Cultivate aligns with growing consumer demand in the natural foods sector predicted to be a $226 billion industry in the United States by 2018.

The offering formalises the company’s previous experience in the space amid a significant shift taking place across the landscape, as evidenced by high consumer interest in organic, locally sourced, and sustainable products and businesses. Additionally, the firm recently released its Food 2020 report.

The study highlights that the majority of Food eVangelists, a small but globally powerful group who want to impact the way food is raised, packaged, and sold, prefer foods with simple ingredients and those with few or no preservatives, while hormone-free and organic.

Cultivate is led by San Francisco-based SVP, Amy Kull, a food marketing veteran raised in Northern California, an epicentre of the farm-to-table movement. It is comprised of experts in culinary marketing, sustainability, nutrition and health, branding, issues and crisis, and content development, located throughout North America.

According to Kull, there is tremendous opportunity for Ketchum Cultivate’s experts to use their talents to effectively tell its stories to consumers. The brand has extensive experience with clients in the natural foods sector, ranging from free-range egg producers to artisan ice creams to sustainable wineries to organic frozen foods.

“Ketchum’s global food and beverage practice has evolved to serve diverse businesses, brands and enterprises. It’s the right time for us to formally share how we are evolving our practice to best serve this changing industry,” said Linda Eatherton, Partner and MD of the Global Food and Beverage Practice.