Kellogg’s has unveiled the latest product from its Special K portfolio. The new entry features whole grains with honey, almonds, and more.

Kellogg’s has released its new Special K Protein Honey Almond Ancient Grains offering. Rolling onto shelves now, the cereal product features whole grains such as sorghum, black rice, wheat, and rice. The ingredients act as a source of fibre, while finished with honey and almonds, making it ideal as a morning meal.

The fresh release is unique in that it incorporates a healthy mix not typically available in many common protein-based breakfast foods like eggs and Greek yogurt. The meal also includes a nutrient bundle comprising magnesium, calcium, protein, and Vitamin D to assist with metabolism, bone health, and muscle function.

“We continue to look for ways to innovate that stay true to our heritage, and do more with both nutrition and taste. That’s why our new protein cereal recipes include a nutrient bundle designed to help you get more from your protein,” said Christie Crouch, Special K Director of Marketing for Kellogg’s.

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