Winning pup to be crowned Jeep brand’s top dog and will be featured in exclusive Jeep brand social media content for one year

The Jeep brand is launching its first #JeepTopCanine search this summer, leading up to National Dog Day on Wednesday, 26 August. The vehicle brand enthusiasts are known to have their dogs buckled up with them as they seek out adventure, proudly featuring them along with their favourite Jeep vehicle in social media content through the years.

So this year, the vehicle brand owners, fans and followers can post the best photo of their pup with their Jeep brand vehicle and tag it with #JeepTopCanine on Instagram and Twitter, or upload it to their website, to enter.

The winning dog will be crowned the first-ever #JeepTopCanine and will be the (cutest) face of the Jeep brand across its social media channels, appearing in exclusive content for the next year, until National Dog Day 2021.

Submissions close on Monday, 3 August. From there, the brand will select eight photos and let fans vote from 11-18 August for their favourite, but only one can be crowned the #JeepTopCanine on Wednesday, 26 August 2020. For more information on the #JeepTopCanine search, visit their website here.

As a true cult brand, the #JeepTopCanine search is one more way for the Jeep brand to give its followers the chance to be a part of its legacy.

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