American bike company, Indian Motorcycle, has introduced the 2019 Roadmaster Elite, which is its latest ultra-premium touring model.

Indian Motorcycle has rolled out the 2019 Roadmaster Elite, its newest ultra-premium touring model. With only 200 units available, the variant blends modern amenities with the classic signature styling of the brand. The key highlight is its hand-painted custom design.

An artistically assembled offering, the bike features Wildfire Red Candy over Black Crystal paint with 24-karat gold leaf badging, leather passenger armrests as well as spacious billet aluminium floorboards. Each Roadmaster Elite unit takes close to thirty hours to complete.

The first American company of its kind, Indian Motorcycle emerged in 1901 and remains an iconic label in the United States and throughout the world. Having produced many industry firsts, its name is synonymous with racing dominance, engineering genius, and innovation.

Further extensions include a quality touring console, billet aluminium pinnacle mirrors, and chrome bumpers. Also, a high-powered system with a 600-watt upgrade offers exceptional sound, performing fifty percent louder than the 2019 Roadmaster stock audio system.

“The Roadmaster Elite offers the most refined experience for riders who demand the best. We have left no stone unturned, packing this bike with style and comfort features that take touring to a whole new level,” said Reid Wilson, Senior Director for Indian Motorcycle.

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