Available online, 10 percent of the H&M sale price will be donated to support the conservation work around endangered species by WWF.

 H&M has released a new collection in conjunction with WWF that features animal prints such as the tiger, panda, snow leopard, polar bear, and the finless porpoise, that are facing environmental threats including habitat loss, water pollution, and the impact of climate change.

Available online, 10 percent of the sale price will be donated to support the non-profit organisation’s work in conserving endangered species. The various kids’ styles from H&M include long sleeve sweaters, t-shirts, dresses, tights, trousers, pyjamas and more.

Designed in a neutral palette of beige, grey, and off-white with accents of blue, the range emphasises the realistic portrayal of the featured species. Select pieces include inspiring messages to engage parents and kids in helping raise awareness of the impending endangerment of these animals.

This limited-edition H&M range, aims to inspire customers to care for the planet and highlights the  tie-up, which started in 2013 and continue for another five years. The larger focuses on water conservation and climate action, as well as raising awareness of the fashion industry’s broader sustainability challenges.

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