Celebrating a century of success, Hilton has chosen to honour the memory of the Bed-In for Peace by John Lennon and Yoko Ono from March 1969.

As part of its hundredth anniversary festivities, Hilton has debuted Room 702, a commemorative campaign marking the golden jubilee of the Bed-In for Peace tribute observed by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, which began on 25 March 1969 and lasted a week at the hotel chain’s Amsterdam location.

Commanding media attention on a global scale, their honeymoon, which the couple turned into a celebration of peace, remains a permanent fixture in the storied past of the brand. Named after the iconic room, the limited video series depicts the role Hilton played in fostering understanding across the world.

Resurrecting the poignance of said occasion, the emotional compilation breathes new life into the memory of the event through the uplifting sagas of a select few whose personal stories embody its essence. Featuring Hilton team members, the first two individual short films unveil Serby Castro and Ismaeil Dawod.

One shares a woman’s journey around a life-saving initiative dedicated to distributing recycled leftover hotel soap to regions without ready access to basic hygiene. The other tells of a refugee who escapes hard times and starts over at Hilton Frankfurt, with the goal to assist others with his new language skills.

While living on social media, Room 702 can be explored further here. In addition, the push introduces a photographer, Govert de Roos, who shot standout images of the original Bed-In. His stellar work is now part of a commemorative feature at Hilton Amsterdam to fondly mark the event’s fiftieth anniversary.

Hilton is a global winner of the 2014-2015 World Branding Awards in the Hotels category.

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