The brand has launched a unique promotional effort in the United Stated to support the debut of Dark Custom Harley-Davidson Roadster.

Harley-Davidson has unveiled its first complimentary motorcycle-share pop up, a move allowing enthusiasts to test ride a unit. The above initiative offers genuine fans the opportunity to graduate to ownership of their own Dark Custom Roadster for less than seven dollars a day.

“We borrowed the popular bicycle-share concept for a few days to showcase how folks can afford to own this racing-inspired motorcycle. Riders have an opportunity to experience a more exhilarating way to get around the city,” said Dino Bernacchi, United States Marketing Director for Harley-Davidson.

The model joins the line-up with a fastback design inspired by classics and current trends in garage-built custom bikes. The variant makes a bold statement and features a minimalist, retro concept with a profile reminiscent of vintage racing motorcycles from the 50s and 60s.

Meanwhile, the new release is also being featured in the brand’s ongoing Live Your Legend marketing campaign. The product’s key features afford users a chance to discover the difference of the Roadster’s air-cooled 1200cc V-Twin engine when cruising in urban environments.

Harley-Davidson Dark Custom Roadster
Harley Davidson Dark Custom Roadster

“If people can’t make it to one of our pop-ups, they can head to a local dealer and see for themselves how owning a new Roadster or one of eight other new Harley-Davidson motorcycles costs less than $7 a day. It’s easier now to own one with the new Roadster, or look into the Street 500 starting at $99 a month.”

Ideal for city streets, the contemporary alternative provides modern performance with a combination of fresh wheels and tyres mated to premium suspension components and a driver which delivers a strong pulse of mid-range torque so riders can turn it loose at the green light.

Temporary Harley-Davidson motorcycle-sharing stations featuring the Roadster will pop-up in select cities across America, including Portland, Los Angeles, and Milwaukee, the home of the brand, just as the new motorcycle hits local dealerships countrywide.

To test ride a Roadster or any of the 2016 motorcycles, potential buyers may visit an authorised dealership or schedule a session online. In line with the exercise, riders must own a valid motorcycle license and proper gear in order to participate in the motorcycle-share programme.

“We’ve watched our customers take the Sportster in many different directions. The Roadster is a mash-up of styling genres, but the intent was to build a rider’s motorcycle that boasts premium suspension components and a balanced, athletic stance that connects the rider to the road,” said Brad Richards, Director of Styling at Harley-Davidson.

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