The push entails a series of videos featuring couples who share their sentiments over the impact of a Hallmark card and heartfelt message

Hallmark has rolled out a marketing campaign in time for Valentine’s Day themed #CareEnough. Celebrating romance, the push entails a series of video interviews featuring a diverse selection of couples who share their sentiments over the emotional impact between a Hallmark card and heartfelt message.

Featured in the spot is Jim, who still has the piece of paper on which Melody originally wrote her phone number. The pair has been married for 40 years. Twosome Robin and Jason express the joy of living out their dream and being dads. A third couple, Cynthia and John talk about meeting for the first time.

The duo describes how they knew they were meant for each other during that initial date. Another interview shines the spotlight on former U.S. military member, Dave, who talks about how his Amy and everything that she is exactly all that he needs. Essentially, the execution highlights love as the hero.

The brand is encouraging couples countrywide to get involved with the exercise via social media. The aim is to inspire people to deliver their own proclamations of affection for someone special using the #CareEnough hashtag. The effort is a return on a previous push—When You Care Enough—but captures a modern twist.

As demonstrated by this campaign, our Valentine’s Day cards help people find the words to express themselves in more meaningful way than with a text or post. A Hallmark card gets you started, and then you add your personal message to make it perfectly yours, said Rob Reeder, Marketing Manager of Greetings at Hallmark.

Visitors to the card-maker’s YouTube channel can watch videos, shop for cards online, and find the nearest store. Users are also able to use a special filter that overlays artwork from Hallmark’s Valentine’s Day cards onto a photo of their own for use across the digital sphere.

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