Four iconic Häagen-Dazs flavours have been renamed after the different flavours of success these women have achieved to propel more women to fulfil their goals

One may be hard-pressed to play favourites with ice cream, but four much-loved flavours from Häagen-Dazs are being topped with a special meaning.

The brand is commemorating International Women’s Day 2021 by renaming their well-loved Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Strawberries & Cream flavours, exclusively in the UAE, to reflect the achievements of four iconic women who have not held back.

The renamed flavours have been designed to ensure customers start their order with what they want and end each order with a self-affirming flavour of success be it ‘Scale New Heights,’ like Raha Moharrak (Vanilla); ‘Beat the Odds,’ like Yasmin Yousri (Salted Caramel); ‘Direct My Story,’ like Nayla Al Khaja (Belgian Chocolate); or ‘Design My Destiny,’ like Maz Hakim (Strawberries and Cream).

“We believe the world needs to hear about these remarkable women living in the Middle East, from all walks of life, who have shattered glass ceilings, looked beyond life-threatening illness, scaled even the world’s highest peak and taken a passion project to one of the world’s leading fashion houses,” says Michelle Odland, Häagen-Dazs Global Brand Director.

Meet the four x protagonists chosen by the brand to celebrate ‘Women Who Don’t Hold Back:’

Raha Moharrak: Raha made history as the youngest Arab and the first Saudi woman to climb Mount Everest and The Seven Summits. Raha is a role model proving everyone can achieve the impossible, even for an Arab woman to touch the sky.

Yasmin Yousri: Is a 3-times cancer survivor, style coach, blogger and art director. Yasmin left her corporate career of 15 years to pursue her dream of fashion, inspiring people through the life she has created, beyond cancer.

Nayla Al Khaja: The first female film Director/Producer in the United Arab Emirates. Nayla has written and directed several regional and international award-winning films and TV commercials. Nayla’s accolades include being ranked amongst the Top 50 most powerful personalities in Arab Cinema.

Maz Hakim: A presenter who’s not only interviewed some of the biggest stars in the world but also hosted the TEDx talk on refugees, as well as TV shows in Afghanistan. She has recently launched her own clothing line which is a fusion of east and west using handmade Afghan material and made by women in the UAE. Her collections are already being retailed at international fashion houses and through her brand, Maz aims to inspire and empower women around the world.

Ali Shaikh General Manager, Middle East & Africa from General Mills, added: “The campaign is not just a tribute to women who have pushed boundaries to achieve these remarkable accomplishments, but a call to women everywhere to use these inspirational stories as a springboard to pursue their own goals.”

In addition, Häagen-Dazs asked residents across the region, to nominate by 14 March the exemplary women who inspire them every day simply by sharing their stories on Instagram and Facebook and using the hashtag #DontHoldBack.

Based on nominations, the brand and the four participating role models will shortlist and pick two nominations after whom Häagen-Dazs will then rename two of their bestselling ice creams – ‘Cookies and Cream’ and ‘Vanilla Caramel Brownie – in their honour.

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