The Gillette ad features a soundtrack provided by YOUTH MODE producing a bespoke piece by composer Ash Hanif

Gillette, a 118-year-old men’s grooming brand and two-time winner of the World Branding Awards, launched its latest campaign in the UK, ‘Made Of What Matters’ featuring global ambassador Raheem Sterling, that sees one of the world’s leading experts in men’s grooming use football as a platform to inspire and mentor the next generation.

“We believe in the importance of role models in ensuring younger generations have positive versions of masculinity to aspire to” said Matt Thomas, Gillette Brand Manager for UK and Ireland. “Gillette believes in the best in men and this campaign and commitment is all about showing that. Men, and boys, who are Made of What Matters.”

The campaign, which builds on the brand’s long heritage in sports, marks the first collaboration between the footballer and Gillette as the brand looks to harness the power of football to help mentor the next generation to be the best they can be.

The short film highlights the values that drive Sterling’s actions, both on and off the pitch, which make him an inspiration and role model to all. From winning over his critics to become one of the most revered and respected footballers in Europe, to taking a public stance against discrimination and prejudice within the game.

“Our partnership builds on Gillette’s commitment to celebrating those who always aspire to be the best version of themselves and who encourage others to stand up for what they believe in,” said Matt Thomas. “Sterling is known for transcending the world of football, using his influence as a force for good. He’s a true role model who aligns perfectly with our values and what we have long stood for as a brand.”

In addition to debuting the short film, Gillette is also taking action by partnering with youth education charity Football Beyond Borders (FBB) to help to provide more young people with the inspiration, opportunity and support they need to fulfil their potential. With the number of permanent exclusions from school in the UK at its highest point in nearly a decade – over 78 percent of which are boys – Gillette wants to help make real change, supporting FBB’s efforts of giving many of these young people a relatable role model to look up to and keep life on track for them.

The partnership will see Gillette work with FBB on a number of initiatives that set out to help more young people from disadvantaged backgrounds become the best versions of themselves. Chief amongst this will be investment into increasing the number of qualified practitioners who lead the programmes and become role models for young people within schools.

Gillette has also invested in the development of the ‘What Makes a Man’ module to help educate around modern masculinity, and will be supporting Football Beyond Borders’ annual showcase event to make it the biggest in the organisation’s history.

“Made of What Matters aims to inspire the next generation, focusing on celebrating the best of what happens on the football pitch, as well as the behaviours and values that outline what it means to be the best off the pitch” added Matt Thomas.

“Through our partnership with Raheem Sterling and Football Beyond Borders, we want to celebrate what people at all levels of the game – from the pinnacle of the sport down to the grassroots – are doing to be the best versions of themselves.”

Raheem Sterling commented: “I know how important it is to have the right mentors in your life to help keep you on the right path when you are growing up. Football Beyond Borders is doing amazing work helping young people reach their true potential, and I hope Gillette’s support can help to provide more young people with the role models, inspiration and direction needed to be the best versions of themselves.”

Jasper Kain, founder of Football Beyond Borders said: “We highlight Raheem Sterling as a shining example when educating our young people on the power of representation, speaking out for what you believe in and being principled. He is a real inspiration to those on our programmes who look up to a player who has worked tirelessly to become the person he is today. He is a huge role model for our young people, someone they aspire to as a leader, both on and off the pitch. It’s great to see Gillette partnering with him.”

The campaign will also be brought to life via a range of product and in-store displays that leverage Gillette’s agreement with the UEFA Champions League as the Official Licensed Shaving Products Partner of European football’s premier club tournament.

YOUTH MODE provided the soundtrack for the campaign, producing a bespoke piece by composer Ash Hanif.

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