Gentleman Jack’s campaign, “We Share One Spirit” recognises the accomplishments and journeys of diverse women in Women’s History Month

Gentleman Jack, an exceptionally smooth double charcoal mellowed Tennessee whiskey created by women and men who are experts at their craft, has partnered with Jessica Williamson, actress Maria Canals-Barrera and Shelly Bell for a campaign entitled, “We Share One Spirit.”

Filmed remotely, the diverse influential women from different industries in Florida share their stories, their drive to succeed, and raise a glass to the unsung women frontline essential workers. Their inspirational, moving videos will release one by one this week and run through Women’s History Month, which coincides with the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am raising a glass to all women actors and storytellers who impacted our lives,” said Canals-Barrera. “Our contributions have engaged and entertained all communities throughout the pandemic.”

“I’m honoured to have been chosen by Gentleman Jack to participate in this campaign,” said Bell, CEO of Black Girl Ventures. “There are so many different fields where women lead in the frontline, such as teachers. As a former teacher, I cannot imagine what it must be like trying to educate students during a pandemic. My support goes out to all those who have been navigating the virtual learning landscape over the last year.”

“Empowered women change the world!” said “The Whiskey Chick” Williamson, a Miami-based DJ and entrepreneur. “We are strong when we come together in love, support and celebration. I’m grateful for Gentleman Jack recognising women and bringing us together to show our passions and share our stories.”

With the World Economic Forum reporting last month that women comprise 70 per cent of frontline workers, now is a poignant time to look back at female essential workers who have been working tirelessly to keep their communities safe. In the concept of sharing “One Spirit” during Women’s History Month, Gentleman Jack and their partners are calling attention to the contributions and importance of these women.

“We are excited to have these amazing leaders join us in thanking the women frontline essential workers that have been continuously keeping us safe,” said Fabricia da Silva, Brown-Forman’s Multicultural Marketing Manager. “In the spirit of Gentleman Jack’s campaign that celebrates women, we want them to know that we see their contributions, especially during this last year of unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19.”

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