Teigen joins unsuspecting fans for a face yoga workout with beauty and wellness brand FOREO

FOREO fans attending the POPSUGAR Play/Ground festival yesterday had a surprise guest join them for hilarious face yoga moves, none other than Chrissy Teigen herself!

Teigen stopped by the FOREO booth for an unannounced guest appearance as one of the face yoga instructors, joining attendees for various face yoga routines and meeting with excited fans.

The Swedish beauty and wellness brand behind one of the best-selling lines of silicone facial cleansing devices, was at the festival showcasing the launch of their newest device, LUNA 3. Their booth consisted of a circuit-style facial and workout for your face, with each station combining the brand’s beauty tech devices with correlated face yoga moves.

Teigen’s surprise comes two weeks after she revealed the brand new LUNA 3 facial cleanser and anti-aging massager. In the reveal, the model and best-selling author kept it real on her Instagram stories, cleansing her face in the plane bathroom during a long flight home following a family vacation.

“After surprising my fans on social with the LUNA 3 launch, I wanted to surprise them in real life to truly show my love for skincare and all things FOREO,” said Chrissy Teigen.

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